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  • Retail and
    Restaurant Monitoring

  • Farm and Greenhouse Management

  • Remote Location Monitoring

  • Process and Storage Systems

  • Rental and Vacation Property Security

  • Energy Systems Analysis

  • Commercial Ventilation and Lighting

  • Marina and Marine

Wovyn products are the foundation for the next-generation Internet of Things applications.  Wovyn’s open “building blocks” allow modern application developers, integrators, and OEMs to quickly and easily access sensor data using open industry standards, and transform and manipulate the data programmatically, before sending it on to any application, enterprise application, or cloud service.

Imagine placing compact wired or wireless sensors (less than an inch cube) all over your house, business, or other location.  Imagine these little sensors monitoring temperature, humidity, light, pressure, motion, and many other things and sending those monitored values at configurable “heartbeat” intervals.  Imagine being able to easily take these heartbeat notifications and configure them to create notifications on thresholds – SMS Text, Email, etc. – or connect them to any software platform, API, or via industry standard protocols – REST/JSON, EventedAPI, MQTT, etc.  Imagine all of this being affordable, and easy to install and configure.

You are imagining Wovyn.

  • Wired and Wireless Sensors
  • Wifi / Broadband Connectivity
  • Notifications
  • Industry Standards
  • Flexibility
  • Low cost