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Scott C. Lemon   Founder/CTO Scott started in his exploration of technology wiring up TTL chips, wire-wrapping prototype boards, and writing assembly code.  Over the years he progressed “up the stack” and moved into large scale Corporate networks, and then into Internet applications and services.  In the early days of wireless networking, Scott co-founded a wireless internet company providing Wifi to internet cafes, apartment buildings, and residential customers.  At this same time he was doing research into wearable computers and head-mounted displays.  Over the last decade he has been operating his mercenary contract development company HumanXtensions creating software solutions for a broad range of clients.  Lately, with the evolution and advancements in microcontrollers, and semiconductor technologies he started to play again in the lower level hardware world. Wovyn is an aggregation of numerous ideas from family, friends, and other development organizations.  It is a platform for gaining awareness of your world through sensors, and then causing actions to occur via the Internet.  It is a contribution to the Internet of Things.  It is a system that will allow for advanced applications to be developed that are based on monitoring the world around us.

Jeff Bonnington   VP of Operations Jeff Bonnington Jeff  is a global procurement and operations executive with diverse, deep international experience in sourcing, major contract negotiations, supplier management and development, quality and manufacturing at world class technology companies.  Prior to Wovyn,  Jeff  was Vice President of Operations at Virtensys and a Director at Intel Corporation, Micron Technology, LSI Logic and South Mountain Technology.  In his 20 years at Intel he worked in the Technology Manufacturing Group, Intel Legal and Intel Capital.  He was part of the management team which introduced the Intel Play product line, Intel’s Liquid Crystal on Silicon HDTV and Intel’s Digital Health Products.  Jeff was a member of the Board of Directors for Colorlink, Inc and retained as a business advisor for ThinkOptics.  He was granted U.S. Patent 7325928 – Resolution Multiplication Techniques for Projection Display Systems.  His experience with global manufacturing, sourcing and strategic operations is very broad having worked with China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Europe and Brazil.    Jeff graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  He earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Marylhurst University.  He also has extensive training in Six Sigma Greenbelt, Lean Manufacturing and ISO 13485.  Jeff is an avid runner, completing his 18th straight Hood to Coast Relay in 2014.

Rob Stefanussen   Co-Founder Rob is a multi-talented programmer extraordinaire, and has been a core developer at HumanXtensions for years.  He has been the driving force being the construction of the Loom configuration portal. Rob got his start in the business programming a data warehouse application for a company that imported pewter goods from all over the world. Since then, he has moved on to create software solutions for many different clients When he’s not wearing his software developer hat, odds are he’s wearing his musician hat. He enjoys playing the pipe organ of all things, and has found lots of ways to weave technology and music together. An iOS app he wrote recently made waves in the press for its ability to interface with real pipe organs.