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New IoT Product Design and Development

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Creating a smart, connected product requires that companies consider an entirely new set of issues that are not a part of traditional product development. Wovyn can assist you and your company understand the opportunities and complexities of launching an Internet of Things (IoT) product. Wovyn has been working with partners and customers in the IoT market since 2012 and has developed a broad understanding of the technologies, features, security, and data strategies that can be used to create a successful IoT product. Early in new product development it is also important to understand the IoT market dynamics, and areas to avoid to prevent product obsolescence, commoditization, or product failure.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is completely altering markets, and transforming how we have to think about business. A properly designed solution will not only enhance how we deliver value to customers, but will provide new information about the usage of our products, insights into new product updates and features, and new sources of data to create new revenue streams. Smart, connected products are the future, and creation and execution of a well developed plan can ensure you and your company make the transition into this new world.

New IoT Product Design and Development:

  • Create a smart, connected product with a sound IoT product strategy
  • Target opportunities to add partners and additional product value
  • Develop a data strategy for product feedback, improvements, and revenue
  • Understand possible business models beyond hardware sales
  • Design and develop products and services through agile methodologies
  • Plan for long term deployment, maintenance, and enhancements
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Retrofit IoT Product Design and Development

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The Retrofit IoT Product Market is one of the largest growing areas within the Internet of Things. As companies look to transition their products or business services to include smart, connected products there is often the requirement to consider currently installed products. Quite often a “rip and replace” strategy to remove current products and install new IoT products is infeasible – if not impossible. In these cases it is important to explore a Retrofit IoT Solution. With decreasing costs of hardware, and increased capabilities, the creation of Retrofit IoT Solutions is becoming very cost-effective, and can be developed on its own, or in parallel with New IoT Product design and development. Proper creation of an affordable migration path for customers can increase customer retention, provide new IoT capabilities enhancing custom satisfaction, while also providing your company with real analytics and knowledge about customer product usage.

Wovyn can work with you to analyze your current products, determine the key touch points to provide maximum ROI, and design a retrofit solution that can be implemented on existing products while also allowing the same design to be implemented on new IoT products coming to market.

Retrofit IoT Product Design and Development:

  • Analyze existing product to determine retrofit possibilities
  • Determine connectivity options for sensors and controls
  • Create product data models and key product operational events
  • Design and develop products and services through agile methodologies
  • Plan for long term deployment, maintenance, and enhancements
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Transducer/Sensor Connectivity and Integration

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If you are a transducer or sensor vendor you are well aware that customers are not only interested in your product, but in how to incorporate your product into their broader solution.  In creating IoT solutions, it’s not just about having the transducer or sensor, but how to retrieve data from the transducer or sensor, how to transform that data, and how to transport the data to the customers application.  And the data must be in the format that is useful to the customer.  This is exactly where Wovyn and our expertise can assist you in taking your transducer or sensor to the next level.  Wovyn has experience in communicating with a wide range of transducers and sensors using almost any high or low-level wired or wireless technology.  At Wovyn we’ve worked with all sorts of analog and digital signals, SPI, I2C, RS232, RS485, Modbus, XBee, Wifi, ISM Band, LoRa, and more.  We know how to read data from your transducer or sensor, and then leveraging the power of the Wovyn Emitters and Looms we can connect your products to the software and systems that customers want to use.  Once your transducer or sensor are enabled with the Wovyn technologies, they become compatible with the full breadth of application and cloud platforms that are supported by Wovyn products.

If you are working on a solution for a specific customer application of your products, or to architect a complete IoT solution across your entire product line, Wovyn can work with you to create that solution.  If your customer does not have the engineering resources to integrate your products into their solution, we can be the engineering resources that can create that solution with your products.

Transducer/Sensor Connectivity and Integration:

  • Learn your transducer or sensor design and interfaces
  • Determine connectivity requirements for product applications
  • Create wired and/or wireless data back-haul solutions
  • Provide Wovyn Emitter solutions around your transducer or sensor
  • Collaborate on long term deployment, maintenance, and enhancements
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IoT Solution Development

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If you are exploring the creation of a complete end-to-end IoT Solution as a new business, or as a part of your existing business, then Wovyn can provide a wide range of services to assistance at all of the steps along the way.  Wovyn has experience in hardware design and development, cloud applications development, database design and data storage, mobile application development, software integration services and more.  We are able to work with you at any point in your IoT solution development process, and can incorporate existing hardware, or integrate with existing systems.  We are also able to provide business consulting and business model feedback based on our experiences with other customer projects.  We can assist you in assessing the viability of your IoT plans, and also provide business research and analysis to explore additional features, capabilities, and revenue sources.

No matter what your IoT Solution entails, Wovyn can work with you on one or more aspects, or the entire end-to-end solution.  Contact us and set up a call to discuss your project and to learn more about how we can contribute to your IoT Solution.

IoT Solution Development:

  • Hardware design, integration, development
  • Cloud application development and integration
  • Database Design, data storage, data management
  • Web application and portal development
  • Mobile application development (iOS and Android, etc.)
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