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Off-The-Shelf IoT Sensors

Custom and Off-The-Shelf Sensors

Wovyn can provide you with sensors for almost any type of application. We supply a broad range of wired and wireless sensors developed by Wovyn, and in collaboration with other sensor and transducer vendors. We have off-the-shelf solutions that are Wired, ISM Band and Wifi, and can create custom solutions for your applications.

Temperature, humidity, light level, dry contact, pulse counters, activity, range/distance, voltage, current, and many more.

Custom IoT Product Development

Custom IoT Product Development

Our IoT expertise is available to assist you in creating your custom IoT product or service. We have hardware and software design and development experience in creating new IoT products, creating retro-fit solutions, connecting your transducer or sensor to cloud applications, or connecting our breadth of supported product to your cloud.

Wovyn consuting services can collaborate with you no matter where you are starting - from initial idea, limited prototype, or full requirements documentation.

Easy Integration with Any Software

Integration with Any Software

Key to creating an Internet of Things solution is the ability to integrate sensor data into your specific application. Our Wovyn Loom products provide intelligence at the edge, with full "drag and drop" programming capabilities to transform sensor data, and allow it to be sent via almost any API or method, to any application.

Supporting standards like UDP, TCP, REST/JSON, MQTT, Javascript, and more, our Loom will get the sensor data you want into the application of your choice.

Into Any Cloud, but
No Cloud Required

Into Any Cloud, but No Cloud Required

Today's end-to-end IoT solutions want to lock all of your data into their cloud. With Wovyn, you can choose where your data goes! Choose a cloud service now, change it next month, or even push data to multiple destinations. You can choose from numerous leading cloud vendors, and even push data directly into your enterprise applications.

Wovyn can collaborate with you to find the right cloud solution that matches your application. Our partners include Xively, TempoIQ, Kynetx, and many more.

Wovyn Emitters

Wovyn Emitters transform transducers and sensors into “Internet Intelligent” devices. What makes them Internet Intelligent? Emitters speak the language of the Internet using standards such as REST/JSON, MQTT, and more so that today’s software developers can easily incorporate sensor data into any enterprise application. In addition, they are designed to be extremely power efficient, and to be integrated into complex event processing systems.

Wovyn Looms

Wovyn Looms build on the power of our Emitter products as “Edge Programmable” gateways. These compact devices can contain one or more integrated Emitters, providing connectivity for hundreds of sensors. The Wovyn Loom then provides a web-based “drag and drop” programming environment – based on IBM’s Node-RED – that allows for the transformation and processing of sensor data, and forwarding via almost any protocol to any destination application.

Wovyn Solutions

Wovyn products are the foundation for the next-generation Internet of Things applications.  Wovyn’s open “building blocks” allow modern application developers, integrators, and OEMs to quickly and easily access sensor data using open industry standards, and transform and manipulate the data programmatically, before sending it on to any application, enterprise application, or cloud service.

Imagine placing compact wired or wireless sensors (less than an inch cube) all over your house, business, or other location.  Imagine these little sensors monitoring temperature, humidity, light, pressure, motion, and many other things and sending those monitored values at configurable “heartbeat” intervals.  Imagine being able to easily take these heartbeat notifications and configure them to create notifications on thresholds – SMS Text, Email, etc. – or connect them to any software platform, API, or via industry standard protocols – REST/JSON, EventedAPI, MQTT, etc.  Imagine all of this being affordable, and easy to install and configure.

You are imagining Wovyn.

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