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Wovyn is designed to be a complete solution, providing turn-key sensors with Internet connectivity that speak Internet protocols to any application.  Our products range from “smart sensors” that can speak secure and configurable Internet protocols, to programmable sensor gateways that can provide intelligence and redundancy at the network edges.

Wovyn Emitters

Wovyn Emitters are low cost Internet-enabled hardware devices (wired and/or wireless)  that incorporate our Intelligent Emitter software and “emit” sensor data as REST/JSON event streams.  Wovyn Emitter products transform simple transducers and sensors into intelligent “Smart Sensors” by incorporating latest generation SoC solutions that enable signal processing and full Internet connectivity.  Emitters provide configurability of networking, security, endpoints, and heartbeat intervals to allow for easy integration into almost any business or enterprise web application.

Wovyn Looms

Wovyn Looms are cross-platform, multi-protocol, sensor event stream routers.  Wovyn Loom products combine the Wovyn Emitter architecture with “edge programmability” by leveraging IBM’s Node-RED Open Source software that is enhanced with Wovyn IoT extensions.  These products are based on platforms that support embedded Linux, and provide a complete browser-based, drag-and-drop, programming environment for dealing with sensor data and events at the edge.  Decision logic, data transformation, complex data aggregation, parallel cloud connectivity, and more are all possible within a Loom.

Wovyn Wireless-M Sensors

Wovyn Wireless-M Sensors are built around ISM-band communications (900/868/433 Mhz) and leverage it’s range and power efficiency benefits.  Our wireless sensors come in three different form factors – from extremely small to industrial NEMA enclosures – run on batteries, and can be placed anywhere within 100′-200′ of the Wovyn Wifi base.  Outdoors the sensors can be 500′-800′ with the right conditions.

Our current sensor list is:

  • Temperature (w/ and w/o probe)
  • Humidity (low and high accuracy)
  • Water
  • Infrared Motion
  • Digital ID
  • Dry Contact
  • Light (on/off)
  • Light (lux)
  • Magnetic Door/Window
  • Magnetic Presence
  • Activity
  • Accelerometer
  • 0-20mA Current
  • 0-1.25v Analog Voltage
  • 120VAC Analog Voltage Detection
  • 500 VAC/VDC Analog Voltage Measurement
  • Wireless Button
  • Flex
  • Liquid Level
  • Pressure

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