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Extensible architecture … a MUST for the Internet of Things!

It is absolutely too much fun watching the “Internet of Things” space growing so quickly.  Watching this is like watching the early networking and LAN/WAN networking days when I had joined Novell.  One of the key things that I learned back then is that although there were many “cool” technologies, it was VERY hard to pick a single “winner”.

Early in the LAN days, there were so many different networking technologies that looked promising – Corvus Omninet looked promising as it competed against the high price of Ethernet which was being pushed by 3Com.  Not too many people realize that IBM at the time was pouring millions of dollars into Token RingARCnet was also hugely popular at this time due to it’s ease of installation and operation.  These were only some of the variety of network technologies competing in the late 1970’s, 1980’s, and towards the 1990’s.

One of the most revolutionary things that Novell did at this time is to embrace their “Open Protocol Technology” approach to networking.  Although incorrectly naming their software a “bridge” the solution was truly revolutionary at the time.  Novell created a routing abstraction that allowed them to mix and match network types and topologies in the same network and server.  Instead of locking a customer into a single network topology, Novell’s NetWare operating system and enviromentment allowed their customers to start with any networking technology, and add or migrate to any other seamlessly.

Evolution in the Internet of Things

Right now I believe we are witnessing the same evolution in the Internet of Things.  With Wovyn we are planning to address two very different sides of our design with a similar approach.

Our core platform will be supporting numerous wireless sensor platforms.  Our first will be a proprietary 900Mhz wireless solution that provides a good variety of sensor types, low-power operation, and good distance.  We are also designing the platform to allow for other types of sensors – both wired and wireless – to be added.  We are experimetning with one-wire still, and also Zigbee/XBee mesh wireless sensors.  Our goal is to ensure that our architecture does not lock our custromers into a single sensor technology or topology.

Our platform will also be supporting numerous data communications protocols.  We are already compiling the list, but the sensor data will be able to be posted natively to our own Wovyn platform, but also to Pachube, MQTT, iDigi (if we can!), any REST platform, and the other “Interent of Things” data aggregation platforms that are showing up on the market.  What this means is that a software developer can invest in our product, and know they can have their data easily integrate into what ever platform they choose to use.

At this point in time for anyone investing in the “Internet of Things” an extensible architecture is a must … lock-in at this point will surely cause headaches in the future!

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