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In the beginning …

All of my life in technology I have been most fascinated by two aspects … machines creating real-world actions, and human-machine interaction.  I remember writing my first code to control a floppy disk controller.  It was amazing to me at that time to know that I had written code that could step the read/write head across the surface of the disk.  Soon after I wired up some TTL chips to perform a countdown from 9 to 0 on a 7-segment LED display, and then provide power to a model rocket igniter … launching my model rockets into the sky.

For the last two decades or so, I moved away from hardware, and heavily into the realm of the Internet, and have been working mostly in the area of Internet and Mobile applications.  But over the last two years I have been watching as the capabilities of various chip sets and embedded controllers has continued to grow.  With the introduction of the Arduino and Netduino platforms … I was interested in moving back into hardware.

About the same time I came across some wireless sensor technologies that I realized could be an amazing source of data for a wide range of projects.  A friend of mine and I talked about ways to instrument bee hives, and as I looked for solutions I found a platform that could provide some revolutionary capabilities.  My goal is to create a low-cost wireless sensor network that is connected to the Internet through a gateway that leverages Wifi in any home or business.  It will have the ability to report sensor measurements, and also generate events based on threshold that can generate events into other systems.  All of this built on a SaaS platform with open APIs.

Wovyn was born.  Stay tuned!

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